They Skate is a queer skateboaridng collective based in New York City. Born out of a lack of gender representation and diversity in the skate community, They Skate thrives to create a safe space for people of all genders to explore skateboard, hosting meetups, events, and being a leader in the rapidly growing queer skate community.

Check out their movement here.
My Notes

I was beyond stoked to be creating in a world I am every day a part y. This community built me up and took me in when I really needed it, and it was an honor to help them build a brand to invigorate our people. I did something raw and gritty but fun and exciting to drum up anyone who sees it. Skate fliers were always different and therefore kept me on my toes, but always maintained eye candy and interest to be easily shareable on socials and take the city by fire.


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“If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong!”