01.    Electric Legacy

The Energy Foundation came to us and wanted to do something big— Rebrand electric trucking. It was a lot more complex than that but it was also simple, build a new world that promotes clean air, less pollution, and an electric future worth fighting for.

Check out the website and socials rollout here.

My Notes

I was immediately excited by the realization, we are at the forefront. The electric trucking industry barely exists yet, there are already so many preconveieved notions that already exist on electric vehicles in general. How do you create a brand that appeals to the statistically older white men that currently dominate the industry, while also attracting and the newer, younger, POC, female driven frontier of truckers to come? Build a legacy. An Electric Legacy.

This branding was built, expanding first into a website buildout, storyboarding and producing several videos, and then a social media rollout, just to kick it off.

03.   G.U.T. Check

The National Coalition for Sexual Health is launching a new campaign— targeting Gen Z, promoting guiadance on how to build and maintain healthy connections, both emotionally and sexually.
My Notes

My approach to branding this campaign was to give these kids something they’d actually look at. Not some sterile, run of the mill safe sex campaign they’d scoff at. Something raw, something exciting, and something real.

04.  Multitudes

Multitudes is a European based foundaiton that aims to support political changemakers who are building more inclusive, human and hopeful politics in Europe.

Explore the site design and branding system come to life here.

My branding work for Multitudes has won a 2023 Anthem Award ↓

My Notes

Yes, I can do clean design too. I wanted to create something for them that was clean, approachable, and simply beautiful. I created a symbol system that worked with their mission statement to convey their core beliefs, and used it to inform throughout the branding system. From using them to create patterns for backgrounds or as containers for images and to enchance copy, this set became the foundation for the brand. 


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